How did the expansion of Iran's rail industry begin?

Iran Railway Industries Development Company started its work in September 2014 by separating from Tabriz Machine Building Company as an independent company under the Iran Development and Modernization Organization and under the license of French company Veslu Cojifer. In all these years, Irid was able to reach global standards in the production of parts in rail expertise and the central core of the rail needle, and by following the statements of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in the year of the production leap, by applying its intelligent and scientific management, it became one of the manufacturers. Introduce the field of rail transportation in the region.

Specialized services in the field of rail transportation

Today, with the use and implementation of fully automatic robotic devices and professional testing of products in the machine shop, assembly workshop, welding workshop and maintenance workshop of Irid equipment towards progress and performing services such as rail needle installation, commissioning and safety testing of rail needle, Training and issuance of training certificates, provision of rails and spare parts and rail tools for intercity railway lines and urban metro lines, and the implementation of the blade machining project and the implementation of the thermite welding project.

The vision ahead of Irid

By providing specialized technical and engineering products and services in the field of rail transportation in the country’s railway lines and city subways and helping to develop the country’s mines and ports, Iride intends to expand the country’s production scope and look intelligently at the business market. domestic and international markets, has become the largest export company of railway services, tools and parts in the region and from the perspective of stakeholders as the most reputable, capable, professional and reliable production company in terms of management, accuracy, speed, quality and support services at the level be internationalized

Irid mission and path

Irid, which was transferred to the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Employees’ Savings Fund by implementing the policies of Article 44 in June 2007, and considering the year of national production, supporting Iranian work and capital, while localizing the rail industry, saving foreign currency, and employing young people. And he has made the elites his principle and mission, and in this way, he has reduced the dependence on foreign countries by producing the rail needles needed for the railroads of the whole country and the fortunes of the metro rail in the provinces and the realization and development of the day.

Values in Irid